Bluecrop – This variety has been selected in 1952. by USID in New York. The variety is medium growing season with requirements according to coldness during the winter of over 800 hours. Cultivar Bluecrop has medium size fruit, with light blue color, good strength, small scar from the stalk, and mild flavor. The berries are grouped in loose bunches. The Bluecrop is a variety that achieves high and regular yields, with good durability at low temperatures during the winter. Plant cultivars Bluecrop forms upright opened bush that spreads. That means that branches could be bind up due to excessive weight of the fruit. This is the standard cultivar medium growing season, and it is one of the most popular cultivars of northern high bush blueberry.

Elliot – This variety of blueberry was created in Michigan (US) in 1973. This variety has later season of ripening and demands according to coldness which lasts more than 800 hours. The fruit of cultivar Elliot is medium size, with light blue color, very firm, with a small scar from the stalks, and with recognizable taste. The berries are grouped in loose bunches. This variety has moderate yield. It forms an upright bush that spreads around.

Blueray – This variety has been selected in 1955 by USDA and New Jersey. It has the medium growing season. Also, it has medium sized fruits with light blue color, great firmness, medium scarf from the stalk, and good taste. The berries are grouped in small, tight clusters. The variety has moderate yield, and upright bush that spreads around.

Jersey – This genotype is patented by USDA in 1928. Cultivar is from medium till late season of ripening, and requires period of coldness in the winter for more than 800 hours. Plant of this cultivar is forming high upright bush, and it is very resistant to cold during the winter. The fruit of cultivar Jersey is medium – large, dark and sometimes soft, with a scar of stalk (Medium sized), and with good taste. Clusters of fruit of this cultivar are loose, and yield is moderate. This cultivar of blueberry has ability to adapt to different types of soil, and it represents a variety of local importance in Michigan. It has been spread very little in others regions.

Bluegold – The blueberry cultivar was selected in 1988 by USDA. This is cultivar with medium till late ripening season, and with the requirements of the cold during the winter more than 800 hours. Plants of this cultivar are forming low growth bush with many branches and good resistance on cold during the winter. The fruits of cultivar Bluegold are medium sized, with dry scar from the stalk, good taste and firmness.