Origin: The variety Idared was created in around 1935. In US by crossing varieties Jonathan and Wagner. Production started in 1942.
Features: The basic color is pale green, moderately to completely covered in red. Fruits are large to very large (180-250g), sour-sweet taste. 

Origin: It was discovered in West Virginia, US, in 1890. It has been present on the market since 1919.
Features: The color is green and yellow, which at the time of full maturity becomes golden yellow. The fruits are medium-sized to large (150-220g). The taste is mild and sweet, with a distinctive flavor.

Origin: It was discovered in Australia in 1868. By Mrs. Maria Ann Smith, and she named it Grenny Smith.
Features: Basic dark green color that with  maturation becomes lighter. Large to very large fruits (200-250g),  roundish-conical shape and a refreshing sour taste. 

Origin: It was created in Japan in 1939. By crossing varieties Red Delicious i Ralls Genet. It has been present on the market since 1962.
Features: Basic green-yellow moderately to completely covered with pink. Fruits are medium to large (180-250g). Stressed sweet and refreshing taste. 

Origin: Scion varieties Golden Delicious and Jonathan, originated in America 1943rd year. It has been present on the market since 1968.
Features: greenish-yellow ground color that becomes maturing orange-red. Globose, slightly elongated fruit are medium to large size (180-250g). The sweet-sour taste with a crisp texture and juicy flesh.